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Product Information:

What’s it made of? It’s mostly plastic, but there are also some cloth parts and even some electronic stuff in it.

    • What can it do for you? This toy is like a superhero for your brain and body! It helps you get better at understanding feelings, seeing things better, thinking smarter, moving around, grabbing stuff, feeling textures, and coordinating your eyes and hands. Plus, it’s great for playing with others, listening, talking with your parents, and even getting interested in new stuff!
    • What colors can you get? You can pick from Mint Green or Elegant Red. Both are super stylish!

    • What’s in the box? You get one awesome plastic toy. Just open the package and start the fun!

    It’s a really cool toy that can do a lot of things, and I think you’d have a ton of fun with it!

Package Includes:

1 Plastic Children's Toy